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Certificate in Social Media Marketing

Course Overview

In the past couple of decades, Social Media has begun to play a role in marketing that is undeniably potent. More and more brands are using systems such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to build on the number of people that their business reaches. Further to this, sites such as LinkedIn have made it possible to develop new business and learning connections through one’s online presence. Thus, in the modern world, Social Media Marketing is an increasingly essential skill to have. This short course will go into the basics of this, exploring why this has become so essential, how to use it to your advantage and what are the core principles of this platform.


Explain What is Social Media

  • Explain What is Social Media Marketing
  • Explain Why Social Media Marketing is Important
  • Describe the Steps to Establish Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • List the Various Social Media Channels
  • List the Various Tools for Measuring Activity of Social Media
  • List the Core Principles of Social Media Marketing

On-Course Enrolment

  • Course pagesin a PowerPoint Slides format that you can easily print
  • High-quality info graphics that help you understand content
  • Full Guidance Support
  • Awarding Organization endorsement and Certificate

Eligibility Requirements

  • There is no previous experience or qualifications requiredfor enrolment.
  • It is available to all students aged 16 or over, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Basic understanding of Englishlanguage is required to attend this course.
  • You’ll need a smart device (PC/Mac/Tablet/Smart Phone) with an internet connection.

Course Assessment

This course does not involve any written exams. Students will be assessed by Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and achieve 50% marks.

Course Duration

The course can be completed in a very short time. The pace for the course is set by the learners themselves the course material is downloadable and course registration will be is valid for 12 months, so learners can complete the course with complete peace of mind and with no pressure at all.

Course Mode

This is a self-study course, students have 100% freedom to complete the course, and there is no time restriction on this course.

Career path

This course is useful for anyone interested in going into marketing who wants to understand more about how Social Media works. You may be looking to work in this area in particular, or simply be interested in learning more about how you can use Social Media to your advantage. This can also be taken as a CPD course for current professionals.

Fast Facts

Awarding Body:     CPD Qualification
Course Duration:    2-6 Weeks
Method of study:    Online
Qualification Level:  1

Index Learning runs a campus study. We focus on professional skills with an academic and executive level of study. we are a Global University System member.

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