Learn the basics of accounting and bookkeeping with our IBK Professional Course

Index Learning always stands first when it is about career building. Our IBK Professional Course is an enriched programme. When you finally complete your courses on IBK, we are there with the next level. You may go for an ACCA or AAT from the same platform.

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We give online lessons for you, as well. For detailed lessons on accounting and bookkeeping, we have skilled mentors. They will guide you in free. Your demands are our targets to achieve. IBK is a professional course for Introductory Book Keeping. It is concerned with two subjects:

  • Book Keeping
  • Accounting
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About IBK

 The tuition course covers data about accounts and book entries. It is a short course of 1 month. So, you may fit it with other professional or academic courses as well. The topics it catches are:

  • Debits and Credits
  • Entries info
  • Book on Sales Day
  • Cash book details
  • Bank receipts
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance Sheet

As a result, you gain skills on various business points.

Introductory Bookkeeping Online Course


To help students’ study in a better way, we’ve online classes. The online platform gives them the comfort to study anywhere and anytime. On the air, the course opens free scopes for students. There is free stuff for lessons online.

Our online classes offer:

  • Lectures with HD video record options
  • Online notes
  • Online case studies
  • E-books
  • Online feedback
  • Q&A sessions
  • Video brief
  • Live tuition

Even if the classes are aired online, we always make sure students don’t face the slightest problem. Our mentors are always happy to guide you.


IBK Certificate

 Every student has to go for two tests.

 1. IBK test

 2. Computing test

The second one is a home test. After you have made a good score in both, you’ll get certificates. It’ll prove your skills. Thus, you can enrich your CV.

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Our study content deals with the following:

  1. Accounting
  2. Mean Cost method
  3. Credit sales
  4. Work with depts
  5. Trial Balance
  6. Dual entry keeping
  7. Assets study
  8. Accruals
  9. Prepay mode
  10. Banking
  11. A/C for discounts
  12. Balance errors


Each content aims to develop your skills in a short time. To catch the topics quickly, we provide:

  • A study plan
  • Tuition videos
  • Study manual with scenes and examples
  • Question bank


So, we ensure your career with the best approach.

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IBK Exam Info

The exam takes place in three ways for proper assessment :
1. Daily quiz
2. Weekly test
3. Term exam

Students who score more than 50%, get the chance to seat for the finals. We plan some mock tests and surprise tests. Your class reviews will sum up with the finals.


Student comments

Being a part of Index Learning, I topped in my ACCA finals. The online courses supported me as an international student. The feedback session covered all key topics.

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The best thing about Index Learning is their devotion. The skilled teachers here always come forward if we don’t get any topic. 
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I feel grateful to Index Learning for helping me with my flaws. Its IBK course made my career path full of skills. 

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