Achieve the perfect skills taking LAT Trading Course with the best trading school.

Index Learning has earned success as the best trading school. We target to improve student’s trading skills. That is why we have come with our LAT Trading Courses.



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Trading subjects need theory and practical skills as well. To help you with that, we have planned pieces of training. The mentors who give you lessons have got higher skills in this field.

Our LAT course gives you benefits in your job life. We give you the chance to show your skills with our paper and model works. If you need tips for a better career, our experienced team is always one step ahead to help you.

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About LAT Trading Courses


The entire course deals with finance and trade. Thus aim to take your trading skills to the peak. With the study, you gain ideas about the world of trade. As a result, you can handle your job in a more efficient way.

The topics it covers are:

  • Boot Camp
  • Skil growth
  • Market model
  • Business plan
  • Workshops

 Each point helps you with your job.


East Trading Camp

Learning Facts:

  •  Price value
  • Business plan
  • Fix aim
  • Reduce loss


Study mode Trade floor
Duration 1 week
Time April
Past work info Not needed
Age 16-18


Introduction to Financial Market & Trading

Key facts:

  • Plan for growth
  • Types and patterns
  • Set aim
Study way Trade floor on campus
Duration One week
Time Any time
Past work No need


Trading Skills Course

Learning facts: 

  • Finance
  • Trading terms
  • Setting goals

Study mode Classes in trade floor
Duration Four weeks
Time Not fixed
Past work Not vital

Trading Boot Camp

Key facts:

  • Marketing
  • Cut risks
  • Price value
  • Trading plan
Study mode In trade floor
Duration Two weeks
Time Any time you prefer
Past work Not needed


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LAT Trading Courses

Exam Info

We have added a unique exam plan for LAT. It is with three steps. Such as:

  • Daily MCQs

  • Weekly quizzes

  • Ending tests

The above plan is to check student’s basics. In the finals, a 50% score is a must. Tutors may even take some sudden tests.

Student comments

I loved the LAT classes here. My fav was the Q&A part. It helped me to catch every detail. That’s why Index Leaning is the best trading school.
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I have been a part of Index Learning to complete my LAT course. It helped me to gain trading skills. The mentors here clear my basics, which was handy in my job
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Index Learning made it easy for me to make my career goals. Be it training or any pure class, the tutors were friendly. Their tips helped me to boost my self-trust.

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