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Index Learning runs a campus study. We focus on professional skills with an academic and executive level of study.we are a Global University System member.

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Index learning was founded in 2005. Our main campus is in the UK. Growing from a sole college, Index Learning has stepped as the leading institution.

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 Index Learning has taken one more step to reach the peak. We give some selective programmes using a free online study way. Thus, it allows global students to take our classes from any place in the world. We provide e-books online.

University Courses

Our MBA, MSc (Masters) and BSc BA (Hons) courses has been designed to get final year top up in UK University. As our qualifications are approved and regulated by Ofqual, students are eligible to progress to top-up degree and masters programmes at many universities in UK and overseas with advanced standing. Successful completion of certain courses will also allow learners to join employment and further study in University.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (top-up)

Course Overview

This Master of Business Administration (MBA) (top-up) programme is offered to people who already hold the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (120 credits) qualification. This MBA (top-up) course allows you to achieve an MBA qualification in up to six months, so it’s a fast track to new opportunities and enhanced career prospects. To join the course, you should already hold the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (120 credits) qualification, and you should have suitable managerial experience. An MBA is widely seen as a passport to a successful career. It demonstrates the breadth and depth of your functional competence, strategic knowledge, and problem-solving ability.

During this course you will:

  • Develop your existing skills and knowledge to management level
  • Apply your learning to actual business situations
  • Gain a strategic perspective on business

Who should attend? 

This unique MBA suits aspiring business professionals who have clear dedication and determination to succeed in the fields of Business, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship.

In addition, our online learning programmes are flexible and are designed to help you balance both work and home commitments. The programme structure and learning materials enable you to study at your own convenience; allowing you to develop your own learning schedule, whilst offering opportunities to engage with your peers.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in any discipline from a recognized university
  • Level 6 or 7 Diploma in Business Management or equivalent
  • In some cases, the learners will be enrolled onto a Level 7 Diploma leading to an MBA top-up degree from the University.
  • ILETS 5.5 or above if English is not your native language. An exemption can be provided on a case-to-case basic

Course Structure

Stage 1: OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (120 credits, 60 ECTS) 

  • Delivered by OTHM
  • 100% coursework based
  • Assessed by OTHM
  • External quality assured by OTHM
  • Awarded by OTHM

Stage 2: Master of Business Administration (MBA) (top-up) (60 credits, 30 ECTS)

  • Only single module ‘Consultancy Project Report’, 12,000 words
  • Delivered over 15 weeks (1 term)
  • Delivered and assessed by OTHM through the virtual learning platform
  • Validated and Awarded by the University of Chichester

Module Information and Delivery

Modules on this course include: Consultancy Project Report (60 Credits) – compulsory

The module provides the opportunity for you to examine an area of particular interest within an appropriate organizational context. The module is designed to make a major contribution to your professional and intellectual development, by enabling you to demonstrate your capacity for sustained independent thought, learning, and critical reflection. The purpose of this programme is to deliver a practical and realistic solution to a business-related strategic challenge, which in turn is supported by appropriate reference to theoretical and conceptual analysis.

You will evidence this by producing a ‘Consultancy Project Report’ (CPR) of 12000 words. The ‘Consultancy Project’ module could be completed in one academic term of 15 weeks or maybe studied part-time over two terms.

Entry Requirements and Intakes

To apply for this course, you need to possess the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (120 credits) qualification, you must also have a minimum of 2 years work experience at the graduate level, in either a managerial or professional capacity which may include voluntary work, placements, internships, project management etc.

The MBA (top-up) course will be offered in September, January and May.

Awarding Institution

The Master of Business Administration programme is awarded by the University of Chichester.

Grading type

The final award for students passing the MBA is that of a Pass, Merit, or Distinction. As the MBA (top-up) is based around one 60 credits ‘Consultancy Project’ module, the final award classification will be based just on this module (i.e. if a student gains 50-59% they will achieve a pass; 60-69% a Merit, and 70%+ a distinction).

Course Material

Course materials, including presentations, handouts, assignment briefs, and e-books are made available to enrolled learners. In addition to this, the learners will also receive the course handbook and tutorial via emails, in order to support the learning.


Index Learning will provide printed books for certain units and these can be ordered by the learners at the start of the course at an additional cost. These are from top publications and are discounted for enrolled learners. These are available for selected units only.

Online Learning

The learner sets their own pace for their learning and the courses are offered on an academic year basis. Although our tutors encourage the learners to make progress monthly, this approach is flexible. Index learning will provide one year free British Council library membership for enrolled students and other online materials will be provided.

Key Facts

Awarding Body:  MBA (top-up) is validated and awarded by the University of Chichester and delivered by OTHM.

Course Duration: 6-9 months
Method of study: Full Time/ E-Learning 

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Index Learning runs a campus study. We focus on professional skills with an academic and executive level of study. we are a Global University System member.

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