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Academic Programs

Index Learning academic programs mainly deal with business studies. It adds a BA in Finance, an MBA, and a degree in Diploma. Each has a CPD assent.

 Our sole goal is to make a career step for your bright future. For this, we help you grow vital skills with theory and research facts. We arrange project works to boost your marketing ability.


Diploma Programs

Undergratuate Programs

Postgraduate Programs

ACCA Courses

IBK Courses

AAT Courses


Professional Programs

Index Learning is the best career platform. The programs we bring, boost your professional level qualifications. ACCA, IBK, and AAT are the courses under this program.

 We have designed each course to add skills in accounting and finance. For your refine studies, we emphasis on research work. We aim to take your professional skills to the career top

Executive Courses

Index Learning comes with a special Executive program. It takes in LAT Trading, Mini MBA, and Short courses. CPD has given its consent to each of them.

 You are sure to move to a job with a better academic end. We give you a quality management study and help you grow your job skills. Thus, we open the career door with high posts.

Short Courses

Online Executive Mini MBA

LAT Trading Courses

IELTS Exam Preparation

Conversation & Pronunciation

General English Course

English Language

High pay jobs look for candidates fluent in English. That’s why Index Learning offers three courses. We’ve added General English, Conversation & Pronunciation, and IELTS preparation. 

 We aim to take your skills in English to the top. For this, we arrange speech and writing contests and stage play. It helps to enrich read, write, and speaking ability in English. 


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